1. Dear diary,

    So, I transferred to a new school with the aid of my foreign exchange case manager. I’m bummed that Florence didn’t work out for me, but my excitement for this new environment nearly masks my disappointment. I’m hoping this new school with allow me the opportunity to prosper, and of course, send some new friends my way. My mother is doing well. She’s been updating me daily on the progress of her pregnancy. I’m not sure when they’ll find out the sex, but I’m hoping soon. I want my sibling to get here already! My older sister has also been in touch. She’s making sure mother is healthy and it leaves me confident everything will be okay. She also told me something; “A person must accept unkindness to themselves, just as they accept kindness.” It made me think, maybe I need to approach things from a different perspective. I’m going to introduce myself to people, and give them the chance to actually know me instead of remaining in the shadow. In Japan, I wasn’t always accepted, but I had friends there with me to make sure I didn’t fall after being pushed. Maybe I need to make some friends like that here.. Hmmm. I don’t have much to write about. My new experience hasn’t begun yet, but I’m so excited, I can almost shake at the mention of HHA. I suppose I’ll part with this: It was fun while it lasted, but I must move on to bigger and better things.
    Also, my sister sent some pictures in the mail. I’ll keep them here so I don’t lose them.

    Yours truly.

  2. Well. Here goes nothing.

    Good morning.. everyone! Kiku here. I haven’t been on my tumblr in ages. But, since everyone made one, I decided I’d go active on it as well, just so I could connect with all of you here! I’m not sure if there’s much to know about me. I’m sixteen. New. Uhm, not really into the party scene, but hey, that’s alright. I’m originally from Japan. I live in Shinjuku, and frequent Shibuya often; I like to shop. I went to a uniform school, and blended in for the most part. I led a pretty simple life. But, I recently learned that I’m going to have a little sibling some time soon. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, I’m not sure. But Okasan is pretty excited. So am I. I’m kind of hoping it’s a girl. I always wanted someone I could dress up.

    Life here at FHA is pretty strange. I’m not used to being an outsider. My friends sure weren’t the coolest crowd, but, many people liked us. As of right now, I’m alone. But, I haven’t given up hope that I’ll make a good friend or two soon. The kids here really like to have fun. But, for the most part, it’s just like a giant soap opera. I don’t watch those often, but when I do, the conflicts are ridiculous. I’m not sure if I’m correct on what I know. I mainly just gain knowledge of circulating gossip by eavesdropping in class. But, oh well.

    Last night, I went to my second party since being here. I didn’t get drunk, or smoke, like most of the people were doing, but I did observe. Just to clear things up, I am not a lesbian. I think girls dating girls is kind of strange. But, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with it. It’s just not something I personally take a liking to. I think Shy is pretty nice. She gave me a piggy back ride, and I suppose I had fun. But then Jolton got belligerently drunk. Isabeau tried to calm him down, and when that didn’t work, I jumped in to help. But it all back fired on me, and he threw up on me. I was mad, and embarrassed, but I’m alright now. The place just keeps getting stranger and stranger by the minute.
    Well, thats all for now, I suppose. Until next time..

    PS. I miss you Tokyo. </3